Undocumented (2010) Review

undocumented reviewSynopsis: A documentary crew accompany a group of illegal immigrants crossing the Border, but their plans run afoul when they are captured by a gang of sadistic radicals in New Mexico

My Quick Review: What starts as a classic documentary about illegal migrants turns out to be an interesting twist in the crowded found footage genre. Or so I thought.

I usually publish a review right after watching a movie, at most within the next 24h. This time it took me more than 2 days to write this review. I somehow could not find anything to say about Undocumented (in bad nor in good). And the longer i have been waiting, the more difficult it is to remember anything noteworthy about the movie.

I could talk about the fact that it mixes actual documentary-style POV shots with more traditional shots, very well. I could also mention that Peter Stormare does a great job as the main villain, without ever showing his face. But I could also complain about the lack of gore and the fact that most kills/torture stuff happen off-screen.

Finally I could discuss the main theme of the movie (illegal immigration vs self righteous nationalism) and how the filmmakers tried to depict a very black and white world when this whole situation right now in the US is more of a grey area with both sides having their own rights.

But at the end of the day, Undocumented is easily forgotten despite its touchy subject and is failing as a shocking torture porn flick.

My Rating: 5/10


Origin: US

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