The Final (2010) Review

the final reviewSynopsis: A group of high school outcasts get revenge on the students that torment them.

My Quick Review: The Final is quite similar to Truth or Die, another survival game that I watched recently, in a sense that it never really delivers on what is an exciting pitch.

Here we have a bunch of school outcasts who decide to take revenge on their bullies by kidnapping and torturing them, mostly using horror movies for inspiration.

Alas, if you were expecting graphic torture scenes and other bloody humiliation, you will be sorely disappointed as I was myself.

What you will have though is endless speeches from the main outcast (and for the first 20mn using an annoying voice box), below average acting by 25 year olds pretending to be 17, bad editing, pointless B-plots and characters.

There could have been a nice little gem hidden within The Final; I really would have loved to see more reenactments of cult horror films (the audition inspired torture scene was one of the highlight of the movie), but it mostly falls flat and favors pretentious sermons over thrills and gore.

My Rating: 5/10


Origin: US

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