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  • Dog Soldiers (2002) Review

    Dog Soldiers (2002) Review

    Synopsis: A routine military exercise turns into a nightmare in the Scotland wilderness. Quick Review: Ever since I watched The Descent, I’ve always wanted to catch up on Dog Soldiers, Neil Marshall’s first effort. Now that I’ve seen it I’m kicking myself for not having watched it earlier. MILD SPOILERS AHEAD!! Dog Soldiers is one of…

  • Ginger Snaps Review

    Ginger Snaps Review

    Synopsis: (from IMDB) Two death-obsessed sisters, outcasts in their suburban neighborhood, must deal with the tragic consequences when one of them is bitten by a deadly werewolf My Quick Review: Ginger Snaps was actually a good surprise. I love the fact that the main characters are young girls when, usually, werewolf movies are all about guys…