Undocumented (2010) Review

Synopsis: A documentary crew accompany a group of illegal immigrants crossing the Border, but their plans run afoul when they are captured by a gang of sadistic radicals in New Mexico My Quick Review: What starts as a classic documentary about illegal migrants turns out to be an interesting twist in the crowded found footage genre. […]

Severed Footage (2012) Review

Synopsis: Twelve severed feet in running shoes found on the shores of Western Canada have baffled the Police. A videotape is leaked anonymously from the authorities. This paranormal thriller may solve the mystery of the severed feet. My Quick Review: If you’ve been reading my reviews for a while now, you already know that I’m a […]

Devil’s Pass (2013) Review

Original Title: The Dyatlov Pass Incident Synopsis: Five young filmmakers retrace the steps of a doomed group of hikers in pursuit of an unsolvable mystery. My Quick Review: What a surprise to see Renny Harlin, a director who made such action movies as Die Hard 2 and The Long Kiss Goodnight at the helm of a […]

The Conspiracy (2012) Review

Synopsis (from IMDb): A documentary about conspiracy theories takes a horrific turn after the filmmakers uncover an ancient and dangerous secret society. My Quick Review: Finally a found footage movie that makes a smart  use of its format. Too often using handheld cameras and shooting everything like a retarded kid who has a seizure is enough […]

Frankenstein’s Army (2013) Review

Synopsis (from IMDb): Toward the end of World War II, Russian soldiers pushing into eastern Germany stumble across a secret Nazi lab. The scientists have used the legendary Frankenstein’s work to assemble an army of super-soldiers stitched together from the body parts of their fallen comrades. My Quick Review: I’ve got mixed feelings about Frankenstein’s Army. […]

Absence (2013) Review

Synopsis: Doctors are baffled when an expectant mother wakes to find her nearly-to-term pregnancy apparently disappear overnight. Police investigate the situation as a missing child, and only her husband and brother trust her version of events. My Quick Review: I don’t have much to say about Absence except for: “Please stop releasing found footage movies […]

Evidence (2013) Review

Synopsis: A detective hunts down a killer using video footage shot by the victims of a massacre at an abandoned gas station. My Review: I was not a fan of The Fourth Kind, director Olatunde Osunsanmi’s previous effort, and, while I liked Evidence better, there are still many problems plaguing this found-footage movie. First of all, it’s […]

100 Ghost Street: The Return of Richard Speck (2012) Review

Synopsis: In 2010, paranormal investigators tried to film Richard Speck’s ghost at the site of his heinous killing spree. The victims’ families have finally released the footage that documents their last days. Quick Review: To think that some people (friends from the producers?) dared to compare this movie to Grave Encounters…. Well it definitively tries hard […]

Area 407 Review

Synopsis: Survivors of an airplane crash find themselves within the borders of a government testing area and pursued by predators. My Quick Review: Area 407 was a painful movie to watch, from the beginning to the end. I just came back from a plane trip myself and the first thing I noticed was how fake the […]

Atrocious Review

Synopsis: Two teenage siblings endure a terrifying experience while investigating a rural legend near their family’s vacation home. My Short Review:  Atrocious is another movie surfing on the success of found footage movies such as Blair Witch, Rec or Paranormal Activity. Blair Witch especially comes to mind when most of the proceedings in Atrocious are being […]