Support Truth or Dare on Indiegogo

Truth_or_Dare_PosterI’m always on the lookout for exciting Indie Horror Projects to support. Today I’ve stumbled upon Truth or Dare, written and directed by Jessica Cameron (Silent Night, Mr Hush) who is also starring in the movie.

The pitch ( Six college kids find internet stardom when they make “Truth or Dare” videos with a violent twist. It’s all fun and games until their #1 fan decides to play…) coupled with the teaser below got my attention and I’m now looking forward to the end product.

They already have the initial budget for the film but they need an extra $17,000  to pay for such things as: editing, sound design, music/score, color correction, deliverables, and festival submission fees.

If you wanna support Truth or Dare and Jessica, please do so by making a pledge on the Indiegogo page here.