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affiche-silhouetteSilhouette is a French Short movie inspired by recent Spanish Horror Movies such as Pan’s labyrinth and El Orfanato as well as early Syhamalan movies (Unbreakable, The 6th Sense). The filmmakers also want to pay homage to such directors as Polanski, Cronenberg and Argento.

The story follows a young couple, Damien and Laura who are living a comfortable life in their country home. During a photo shoot (Laura is a professional photojournalist), laura takes a picture of a Shadowy Man (Silhouette). She will soon become obsessed with him while her own body is deteriorating. Looking for an explanation, she will uncover a surprising truth.

This pitch and the teaser below got me hooked immediately. On top of that, it is a french genre movie and we do not see enough of those.

So if you wanna help Writer/Director Bertrand Cazor  bring those ambitions to terms, help him fund the project through the crowdfunding platform Ulule.

You can also check out the official site here: