Storage 24 (2012) Review

storage 24 reviewSynopsis: An aircraft carrying classified cargo crashes near a storage facility and something escapes. Inside, Charlie (Noel Clarke) and Shelley (Antonia Campbell-Hughes) are separating their belongings after a bad break-up. When the escaped creature takes refuge in the facility and begins killing those inside, Charlie, Shelley and their friends must band together to defeat it in order to escape with their lives.

Leslie’s Review:  I’m a Whovian (you know, one of those nerds who loves Doctor Who), so when I saw that Noel Clarke starred in this film, I needed very little encouragement to watch it.

The trailer also reminded me of Attack the Block (2011), another point in its favor. What I got, however, was a kind of boring, standard creature feature that’s heavy on relationship drama.

Despite the emphasis on said relationship, most of the characters lacked any sort of depth. Usually, this is perfectly fine for a horror movie where no one lasts too long, but it didn’t get creature heavy for almost an hour.

If I’m going to spend the majority of the film with the characters, they should intrigue me, have a cool story, or develop beyond one dimension. While we do find out more about them as the film progresses, none of the revealing details make me care.

For a sci-fi, horror film, it’s a bit light on the horror. There are some cool lighting effects, and I applaud it for not relying on cheap tricks to make me jump. The creature itself looked good and was more on the scary than cheesy side, but overall, the film wasn’t as much fun as the trailer led me to believe. If you’re a Noel Clarke fan (he also wrote and produced it), give it a shot on Netflix Instant, otherwise find Attack the Block streaming somewhere.


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