Silent Terror Youtube Review

Silent Terror Shorts ReviewA couple of years back Justin Lin, famed director of the latest Fast and Furious Movies launched, with a couple of friends, a Youtube Channel calles YOMYOMF (You Offend Me You Offend My Family). This channel offers a large array of videos including but not limited to Shorts, Shows, Trailers….

For Halloween 2012, they released a serie of 4 shorts directed by famous Horror Movie Directors:

Grave Torture is and indonesian short directed by Joko Anwar (the forbidden door) based on a very creepy local belief that when a person dies he/she will wake up inside the grave, to receive punishment for bad deeds they did during their life.

The movie introduces us to a little boy during his father funeral. He sneaks into the casket and fall asleep only to be buried with his father, who, by the way, was a serial killer. You can imagine the rest.

Grave torture had great production values, was well shot but in terms of scares and creep factor, it was lacking. Still a good entry for a web based series.

Double from director Woo Ming-Jing is the kind of movie that makes you think. Some kind of  twisted tale about the fear of getting old.

Bad Butt from Noburu Iguchi (the machine girl, dead sushi) the story of a girl who has a monster in her butt (don’t ask) will please only fans of Iguchi tasteless cinema. I do like fu..ed japanese movies but this is way too much for me. I have to draw the line somewhere. It’s a definitive letdown in terms of production values and acting when compared to the other shorts.

Vesuvius from Philippines Director Erik Matti is a take on the virgin Mary legend where a guy is being manipulated by a demon in disguise. While, once again, well made, this short left me cold. I could not really get into the movie and with a short movie you need to get the attention of your viewers instantly which never happened to me when watching Vesuvius.

In conclusion, out of those 4 shorts, one was really good (Double), another one was ok (Grave Torture), the last one was average and the third one (Bad Butt) was just plain bad (or great if you’re really into this kind of cinema).

I have to commend Jason Lin for giving those directors the opportunity to showcase their talent for Free and would definitively sugegst you go and check them out now.

My Rating (global): 6/10

This is the link to the YOMYOMF youtube channel.