The Secret Village (2013) Review: Unraveling a Mysterious Thriller in a Quaint Countryside

the secret village review

Synopsis: When Rachel (Ali Faulkner) travels to a remote village to investigate reported cases of Ergot poisoning, she suspects the villagers of foul play.

As things get weirder, she enlists the help of failed screenwriter, Greg (Mean Girls‘ Jonathan Bennett), but when her primary source ends up dead, Rachel must race to uncover the truth before she becomes the next victim.

Leslie’s Review: I know I can’t expect much from a direct-to-DVD thriller, but even at that, I was disappointed.

Rather than adding to the creepy atmosphere, the off-putting music and sound effects detract from the story and take the audience away from what’s happening.

The acting is decent, but the script is weak, and the disjointed storytelling makes it hard to keep up with what’s actually going on. Additionally, the characteristic twist of these types of psychological thrillers isn’t worth the hour and forty minute build.

I would have liked to see more creepy, supernatural elements, and even though the story makes sense by the end, more cohesiveness throughout would have made the overall effect more enjoyable.

You can find it on Netflix streaming for the next bit if you want to give it a try, but I’d skip this one.

DirectorSwamy M. Kandan

Origin: US

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