Random Reviews Part 1

I’m starting a new series of articles dedicated to movies I have watched in the last few years prior to starting this blog. Since I might never watch some of those movies again and I’d rather do a full review from movies that are fresh in my mind, I think it makes sense to share some thoughts about those movies.

Some of them are horror classics, others might be indie gems while many are not worth your time. In any case i will introduce the movie and give a quick review and rating.

Chained (2012)

Chained quick reviewJennifer Lynch’s tale of a deranged serial  killer who kidnaps and raises a young boy to be his protege is a very dark movie, at times difficult to watch, at times a bit boring, but always riveting. Brilliant performances from both leads.

Rating: 6/10

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Would You Rather (2012)

would-you-rather-quick review“The sadistic host of a party forces his guests to turn on each other and play a lethal game of ‘Would You Rather.’”

A great performance by Jeffrey Combs (playing the host) and some twisted games elevate Would You Rather to the top of the list of Saw-like copycats. If you like “strangers locked in a house” type of a movie you will surely enjoy Would You Rather.

Rating: 6/10

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Silent Hill: Revelation 3D

silent-hill-revelation-3d-quick reviewI wasn’t a big fan of the first Silent Hill movie and had higher hopes for this one. And boy was I wrong. Silent Hill: Revelation is a confused attempt at recreating the Silent Hill Universe. But this is a strong case of bad style over substance. Much Worse than the original and if you’re a fan of the games, please avoid!!

Rating: 4/10

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