Psycho Norman A Poem by Dean Farnell

norman-bates-poemThere’s vacancies at the Bates Motel
He’s waiting there for you
With a beedy eye on her nice new dress
Her end is coming soon.

The lady thinks that Normans a gent
And all he says is true
He takes her case to its final place
Then leads her to her doom.

Norman Bates was lonely
Watched her from his parlor
He struggles with his feelings
He’s not the one to harm her.

He watched her taking off her dress
He thinks It’s his mothers size
He waits till she’s helpless before he strikes
To claim his fatal prize.

Her dress is just a perfect fit
It fits him like no other
He can’t explain his lodgers death
So he blames it on his mother.

Author: Dean Farnell.

Dean Farnell writes quirky songs and poetry mainly on horror or spooky related themes, his song The Monsters Ball is out now on itunes, Amazon, Songcast for download. Click Here to Download it now!
The words from this specific poem were adapted from the following song, check it out: