Precut Girl Review

precut girl reviewYear: 2009

Director: Eric Dinkian

Synopsis (from IMDb): A young Japanese girl discovers that she cannot die. From then she will explore the moment of death by killing herself repeatedly.

My Short Review: I was checking out some trailers on Youtube yesterday when a link to another video caught my eyes. This is how I stumbled upon “Precut Girl”. And believe me, I’m glad I did.

This is probably one of my favorite short films of all time. Everything from the acting (Karin Shibata is just great) to the simple but efficient pitch is eerily captivating, so much so that I could not keep my eyes off the screen for a second.

Precut Girl feels so japanese, yet so french in ways that are very difficult to explain. There is a very deep message behind this allegoric movie, about the meaning of love, of life itself, the loneliness, the culture clash. So many feelings went into my mind, I was overwhelmed.

This short made me think about Sion Sono’s movies but the more I think about it the more I believe director Eric Dinkian has found his own voice. He is not a copycat but a real author waiting for his big break. And I sincerely hope that he will find it with his first feature movie. If you wanna help him (and you will after watching Precut Girl hereunder) you can do by helping him finance the full length feature based on Precut Girl: A Story of Life and Death and Love  here:

Below is the full Short Precut Girl. Enjoy!