Ouija Board (Bunshinsaba) Review

bunshinsaba reviewYear: 2004

Director: Byeong-ki Ahn

Summary: A supposedly chilling tale about a 30 year old curse that is brought back by 3 school girls trying to exact revenge on their bullies.

My (very) Short Review: I don’t know if I’m becoming numb to those “Long haired Ghost” Asian Horror Movies but “Bunshinsaba” just did not do it for me. There is absolutely nothing original about the story (an old curse bring back the ghost of a dead student) and the scares (ghost with long hair, big eyes and pale skin anyone?) and the acting is much worse than your average Korean Horror Movie.

For those reasons I won’t even go into more details and just recommend you to avoid it unless you are an aboslute fan of this genre (keep in mind I am a fan of the genre and it just bore me to death…).

My Rating: 4/10


  1. I enjoy this website. I enjoy all that is horror (film) related, but I disagree with you about this film. Yes, many of the latest Asian horror films are created along the same line as Ju-On, Shutter, etc, but this film offered a few different things.

    • This is what is great about movies. Everybody has different opinions about each film. I know a few people who enjoyed Bunshinsaba, it just wasn’t original enough for me. Glad you liked it though Michael.

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