Miserable Marnie & The Shut In (2013) Review

miserable marnie and the shut in reviewSynopsis: Miserable Marnie Strauss (17), a lonely teenage girl, lives alone with her reclusive mother, Matilda in a small town. She dreams of nothing more than to befriend the popular girl, Spencer, but the feeling is not mutual. After a cruel prank breaks her spirit, Marnie embarks on a violent rampage, exacting revenge on all who have wronged her with the help of her new friend, Crystal.

Quick Review: Right off the bat the intro to Miserable Marnie sets the tone for the rest of the movie. The music, the colorful tones, the photography all announce a creepy  little tale of teenage angst.

For an indie movie, Miserable Marnie puts a lot of effort into its style and the acting is above par as well. Special mentions to Ray Wright and Suzie Vincent who play Marnie and her mom respectively.

Unfortunately, this all make it more painful when, midway into the movie, Miserable marnie turns into a predictive high school revenge plot with mostly subpar acting from the rest of the cast and weak practical effects.

While I can’t recommend Miserable Marnie to everybody, I believe Colton David Coate is a director to watch in the future, when he can work with a more polished script and higher budgets.

My Rating: 5/10


Origin: US

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