Make me Shudder (2013) Review

Make Me Shudder reviewOriginal Title: Mor Hok Tub Ha (มอ6/5 ปากหมา ท้าผี)

Synopsis: (from EnjoyThaiMovies) A group of Grade 12 students break into an abandoned building believed to be haunted by a student who killed himself over bad grades and also a teacher who was murdered. The students decide to challenge the ghosts by teasing and irritating them.

My Quick Review: As a new entry in the popular Thai Horror Comedy style, and being directed by Poj Arnon, the man behind the popular Hor Taew Tak movies, I was expecting to spend a good time in my local theater yesterday.

Unfortunately Make me Shudder did not bring me one laugh and/or scare for its whole duration. I was actually so bored, I happen to look at my watch more than once.

The movie feels cheap (there is mainly one location used during the entire time), whole scenes are stretched ad nauseam, and after 20mn I was fed up to hear the main characters fake shouting/moaning all the time.

I’m sorry to say that make Me Shudder does not bring anything new to the table and is just trying to surf on the success of Pee Mak, the king of Thai Horror Comedy. Unfortunately, a tired formulaic script, bad sense of timing the scares, and poor cheap 3D effects do not make for an enjoyable experience. To avoid at all cost.

My Rating: 3/10


Origin: Thailand