Macabre (Rumah Dara) Review

macabre movie posterYear: 2009

Director: The Mo Brothers

Synopsis: 5 Friends on a road trip run into a strange girl on the road at night. They decide to help bring her back to her home. This is where the night will turn to hell for all of them.

My Short Review: Macabre is the first full length feature for the Mo Brothers (who are not related) after their short Darla (which inspired this film).

Macabre is definitively a good entry in the gore/crazy family sub-genre and quite impressive for a debut feature.

Nothing really new in a script that plays it safe and conventional  but the quality of the direction and the actors (better than what you would expect in this kind of movie) , makes Macabre a crowd pleasure.

The beginning is a bit slow but necessary to establish the characters but the last 45mns are well worth the investment. Gore Lovers will enjoy the practical make up effects, the main actress is memorable and even if the bad guys have a tendancy of overacting, they are crazy after all.

So, even if the plot is very classic and there are no big twists or scary moments, you get what you paid for and its still refreshing to see an Indonesian take on this type of horror movies.

My Rating: 6/10