Laddaland (Soi-lát-daa-laen) Review

laddaland reviewYear: 2011

Director: Sopon Sukdapisit

Synopsis: The title refers to a middle class subdivision in Chiang Mai, where a well-meaning man moves with his family to work for a drug supplement company. But soon this nice neighborhood will turn into a new hell.

My Short Review: I think this movie will have more impact if you’re father like myself. I could sometimes definitively identify to the main character and the struggles he has in his life. As the sole provider he has this burden of responsibility that is made even more difficult by the economy and the fact that the he is living in Thailand, which, like most countries in Asia, puts a lot of pressure on men to succeed and provide for the family.

On the plus side this ghost story is beautifully shot  and the acting is top notch, especially from the main actress. The ending is fine as well and quite sad.

On the negative side, nothing is really original and the scares are really too classic to really surprise anybody.

A good effort from Thailand that stays in the middle range of asian horror movies.

My Rating: 5.5/10