La habitación del niño Review

la habitacion del nino reviewYear: 2006

Director: Alex de la Iglesia

Summary: A young couple and a baby moved into their new home, an old house that they decide to renovate. Soon, a stange man will appear at night. Is the house haunted or a doorway to another universe?

My (very) Short Review: La Habitacion del nino is another movie of the Spanish Anthology “Films to keep you awake” and is directed by Alex de la Iglesia, a very prolific director who tried his hands in a lot of genres such as western (800 bullets), horror (accion mutante) or thriller (the perfect crime).

The story revolves around a young couple that is being “visited” at night by a strange man who can only be seen through videocam ( in this case, baby video monitors).

La Habitacion del nino is a good psychological movie with a few good scares and a smart use of video footage. The material never elevates itself to great standard but I still enjoyed it and at 70mn long, you never have time to feel bored.

My Rating: 6/10