Kalevet (Rabies) Review

kalevet rabies-reviewYear: 2010

Director: Aharon Keshales, Navot Papushado

Summary: A group of friends are lost near a forst when they meet a stranger looking for his kidnapped sister. When they decide to help the man, little do they know this  will set up a series of unfortunate events.

My Quick Review: I was  looking forward to watching Rabies as it seems to be one of the first Horror movie to come out of Israel. At least it is the first one I have ever watched. A Vey low budget (half a million dollars according to IMDb) does not mean Kalevet looks or feels cheap. Directors Aharon Keshales & Navot Papushado make the best of their environment ( a forest that hides many traps and dangers) and give a unique dream-like feel to the movie.

Not to spoil the story but there are a lot of nice twists and turns in Kalevet, and those expecting a traditional survivalist slasher might be disappointed. Indeed, the “bad guy” is quickly out of the action and everything that happens to the characters is due to their own actions and decisions.

Of course a lot of times the characters act in the most stupid way (this is a horror movie after all) but we never know what will happen next as the script keeps us on our feet.

Overall a pleasant viewing experience whose only weaknesses lies in some of the actor’s performance and a couple of far fetched events.

My Rating: 6/10