Home Sweet Home (2013) Review

home sweet home reviewSynopsis: A young married couple comes home from a date night to discover that they are imprisoned in their own house with a methodical killer inside.

My Quick Review: Home Sweet Home is a pointless home invasion movie.

There is unfortunately no redeeming factor in David Morley’s (the french director behind the great zombie flick Mutants) movie. The script is non-existant and has zero originality. We can’t get attached to the main characters since they are as generic as can be. The “bad guy” is very bland, if not for his cool mask, and there is close to no horror/torture to even save us the viewers from total boredom.

What’s even worse is that David Morley fails to provide the necessary tension this type of movie requires, despite a few cool shots.

If you’re looking for a fun home invasion movie with a killer who plays with his victims, check out The Collector instead!

My Rating: 4/10

Director: David Morley

Origin: Canada

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Home Sweet Home – trailer by elbellavistas