Heaven and Hell Review

heaven and hell reviewOriginal Title: Wong Jorn Pid

Year: 2012


Synopsis: Three short horror tales using images from surveillance cameras and focusing on ghosts..

My Short Review: Heaven and Hell is another Thai Horror Anthology following the steps and the codes (scary ghosts + some light humor) of other anthology movies such as 4Bia or 3am. Unfortunately, it does not bring anything new to the table apart from the fact that each story is actually directed by the same director (who made the Rahtree movies).

The first segment, Ghost Legacy was difficult to watch. In an attempt to copy the style of old silent movies (Black and white photography, no dialogue, cutboards with text to know more about the story) director Sippapak forgets about basic screenwriting and shoots everything in a style that just bore me to death (no pun intended). I actually had to fast-forward the second half not to fall asleep.  Thankfully it was the shortest segment and it ended after 25mns.

While the first segment was short, the second one, Heaven Eleven, was way too long, overstaying its welcome by at least 15mns. While better than the first story, this haunted convenient store story would have beneficiated from a tighter script.

Finally, Hell 8,  the last story, while not very good, was the best of the entire movie. Attempts at humor were almost successful and there was some genuine small scares, despite being burdened by over the top poor performances.

At the end of the day, The real problem with Heaven and Hell, on top of a small budget that really shows, is the lack of good stories and interesting directors to elevate the material at hands.

My Rating: 5/10