Hatchet II Review

Hatchet-II-reviewSynopsis: Marybeth escapes the clutches of the bayou-butcher Victor Crowley and returns to the swamp with an army of hunters and gunmen, determined to end Crowley’s reign of horror once and for all.

My Quick Review: Victor Crowley is back and the killings are nastier than ever.

The second Hatchet movie starts right where the other one left off with Marybeth barely escaping from the swamp just to go back there and finish the job.

Right away, I was glad to see Tony Todd in a much proheminent role than in the first Hatchet. He’s got such a great presence that everybody around him pales in comparison. With the exception of Crowley of course.

The group of people led to the butchery are even more generic and dull than in Hatchet and, therefore, things get quite uninteresting when Crowley or Reverend Zombie are not on screen.

Of course the killings are still very gruesome and make up for the rest of the story. But I sincerely hope that Hatchet III will bring something new to the table. As it stands, Hatchet II is like a porn movie where you’re waiting for the next sex (here gore) scene and everything else is just boring filler with bad acting.

My Rating: 4/10 (sober), 6/10 (drunk)

Director: Adam Green

Year: 2010

Origin: US

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