Don’t Move Review

DONT-MOVE-reviewYear: 2013

Director: Anthony Melton

Summary: 6 Friends gather around a ouija board. Their little “seance” will unleash a demonic force looking for 5 souls.

My Short Review: “Don’t Move” is the 8th episode in a web series of 13 shorts: “Bloody Cuts” .

I have to admit I did not know about this web series until now and what a discovery this movie was!! “Don’t move” packs more punch in 10mn than most recent full length horror movies do in 90mn (apart maybe from Evil Dead’s remake ;-)). There is absolutely no time lost on introducing the characters, we are indeed immediately drawn into the aftermath of the ouija seance with some bloody corpses already lying around and survivors trying to stay alive by being as quiet and still as possible.

Because they need to stay immobile to avoid the demon to notice them, the remaining “friends” will use ingenious ways to make sure they will be the last one standing.

I loved everything about this short: the demon look (clearly inspired by  Hellraiser’s Chatterer cenobite), the gore (especially the last kill), the sound effects (creating the perfect tension) and the believable acting (often a weak point in some short movies). “Don’t move” is a great achievement in Horror cinematography and I will now go and look back at all the other shorts from “Bloody Cuts” and look forward to the next ones (if they do more Kickstarter funding, I’m in!!).

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