Contracted (2013) Review

Contracted reviewSynopsis: A young lesbian is drugged and raped by a stranger at a party and contracts, what she thinks is, a sexually-transmitted disease – but is actually something much worse.

My Quick Review: Contracted is an exhilarating piece of viral horror and one of the best surprise of the end of this year.

Not everybody will enjoy the movie for what it is and there are indeed many negative reviews online for Contracted.

Many people won’t be able to see past some of the incongruence of scenes involving Sam’s doctor and the cluelessness of her mom and friends.  If you look at the surface it feels like poor or lazy writing so that the movie does not end up after 10mn with our heroine in the emergency unit.

But I like to think that those scenes were more of an allegory to condemn the current medical system and the social world we are living in, where people tend not to interact or pay attention to one another, as much as they just gravitate around each other.

I might be giving Contracted  more credit than it  deserves but even with that being said, I enjoyed every minute of this journey into physical decay (similar to the movie The Fly in many aspects). Najarra Townsend is awesome in a very difficult role where the whole movie relies on her overall performance.

I also loved the ending which was quite a surprise to me, an interesting twist  that gives everything that happened up to this point, even more sense.

My Rating: 7/10


Origin: US

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