Comedown Review

comedown reviewSynopsis (from IMDb): Six friends who come back to the deserted tower block they lived in as kids to install  a pirate radio station soon learn they are not alone, as a resident psychopath begins hunting them down.

My Quick Review: According to IMDb this movie had an estimated budget of 2 million bucks, WTF!!?? I really wonder in whose pocket this money went because it absolutely does not show on screen (no famous actors, only one location, no special effects…). On top of that. Comedown is just plain boring. It does not really matter to me if a movie is shot on a budget, or has got some problem here and there, as long as I’m being entertained.

And believe me i never was. I was looking at my watch the whole time (nothing happens during the first third of the movie) and when the killings starts, nothing shown on screen makes up for the time wasted before. It’s just more filler and missing opportunities to try to bring some originality/scares in an already tired script.

Avoid at all cost!!

My Rating: 3/10

Director: Menhaj Huda

Year: 2012

Origin: UK