Short of the Week: Luna

Synopsis: A young girl who witnesses the brutal slaying of her family at the hands of a mysterious killer is trapped alone in her house and must now try to survive before the murderer finds her. Quick Review: Expect the unexpected in Writer/Director Antonio Perez’s short film Luna. This is a great short that manages to keep […]

Short of the Week: Shhh…

“Shhh” is a tale about a young boy, who uses his imagination to overcome his monstrous bully at night. Tired of being scared, Guillermo eventually takes matters into his own hands. Inspired by the lucid dreams of director Guillermo del Toro during childhood. After viewing the film, Director Guillermo del Toro described Shhh as having […]

Short of the Week: “2 AM”

I somehow missed this awesome short a few months back. The film is based off a terrifying Reddit post titled “The Smiling Man,” . The short, directed by Michael Evans, is well made and down right creepy as hell. Enjoy, I know I did.

Short of the Week: Insomnia

Director: Nino Scuderi Synopsis: The descent into madness from a man suffering insomnia. Quick Review: Insomnia got me jumping right at the beginning thanks to smart editing and great sound effects. This is a short to watch with headphones if you want to appreciate it to its full potential. It’s a great testimonial on the […]

Short Film of The Week: A Twirling Day

I encourage you to check out this short film directed by Jon Uriarte, A Twirling Day. Synopsis: “It is conceived as a modern tale about the absurdity of the decisions we can not control, about a fate that plays with us and against which we are predestined to lose.” It’s a basic concept served by […]

Chatter Short Review

Year: 2010 Director: Leo Resnes Synopsis:(from IMDb) A girl witnesses a horrible sight online, then the electricity is cut off inside her apartment. Later when the light returns, she feel that she is not alone. My Quick Review: Chatter is another short (from Norway this time) that hits it home for me. Very minimalist but efficient […]