Short of the Week: Do You Believe in the Devil (2013)

Synopsis: While retching uncontrollably in the bathroom of a dive bar, the unnamed main character makes a deal with Danny Pickler. Pickler, a childhood acquaintance has been dead since the age of nine and says he is a dealer of death for God, offers him a deal. In exchange for killing Pickler’s entire family and […]

Short of The Week: Missing (2014)

Synopsis: A man and his 92 year old grandmother kidnap, torture and kill women. Quick Review: It’s not everyday that you stumble upon a short movie that leaves you with a sour taste in your mouth. If you thought Torture porn was so 2005, director Joey Medina is trying to prove you wrong with his […]

Six Reasons to Watch Guillermo del Toro’s short film, Geometria, Right This Second

I say right this second, but what I really mean is after you finish this article. I have to admit, whenever someone brings up Guillermo del Toro in conversation (it happens more than you might think), I fangirl out a little. Ever since I saw Pan’s Labyrinth in 2006, I have been a huge fan […]

Short of the Week: Krueger: A Walk Through Elm Street

I had been eagerly waiting for a new episode of the fan made krueger short movies (showing us glimpses of Freddy Krueger before he was killed by the parents of Springwood) and I’am pleased to say that the last one did not disappoint: “In Springwood, long before he became a demon of dreams, Freddy Krueger […]

Awesome Casting Call Viral Video

Check out this great Casting call video (for a p*rn movie of course) that does not go the usual way. The less said about the video, the better it is but watch until the end.

Short of the Week: The Plan (2012)

Synopsis: After years of self-neglect, Ben looks back on an important decision in his life through the twisted memories of a disturbed man. My Quick Review: For some reason The Plan reminded me of early Terry Gilliam movies. Helped by a brilliant cinematography and great location, the intriguing pitch developed by writer/director Daniel Fallik leads us […]

Short of the Week: Sicko (2013)

Pitch: Sicko is a “A short experimental horror film, made in a grindhouse style…” featuring a serial killer nightly routine. Director: Luke Adey and Vincent Gallagher Origin: UK Quick Review: I don’t know how I feel exactly about Sicko since it’s not really original (it reminded me of Maniac, which is a good thing actually) but if […]

Short of the Week: Cargo (2013)

Synopsis: Stranded in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, a man sets in motion an unlikely plan to protect the precious cargo he carries: his infant daughter. Directors: Ben Howling, Yolanda Ramke My 2 cent: I watched this zombie short a few months back and did not have a “Short of the week” category yet on the […]

Short of the Week: M is for Melon

This short, directed by Luis Solarat and Uve Zatopek was an entry submission for ABC’s of Death 2. I don’t think there is much to say about it if not for: “Just go watch it already!” Warning: this is definitively NSFW!

Short of the Week: Velvet Road (2012)

Synopsis: Amidst the racial tensions of the Deep South in the early 60s, a plague runs rampant. Bobby is trying to save his infected wife and their unborn child from the disease spreading across the South. This short film depicting a zombie apocalypse in the Deep South explores the social issues of prejudice and racism Director: L. […]