It’s Alive: Must Watch Frankenstein Films

It’s not likely, when a teenage Mary Shelly first wrote ‘Frankenstein’ as a sort of challenge to create the scariest story she could come up with for her writer and poet friends, that she could have seen it becoming such a cultural icon. Yet Frankenstein’s monster has fascinated generations of readers, and, in the last […]

Best Horror Movie Remakes

So far, 2013 has seen many horror movie remakes and there are still more to come. So, I’ve decided to revisit some of the best horror movie remakes of the last 40 years and with more to come this year (Carrie) this list will be updated accordingly. The Thing (1982) The Thing is not technically […]

Best Horror Movies of 2013

All the movies on this list had a somewhat wide release in 2013  (theatre, VOD, DTV…). I’m using IMDb for validation when in doubt (especially for non-english movies).  2013 was a great year for Horror Movies Fans and many movies could have been on this list. I have decided to do a TOP 10, but […]

The Saw Series – 7 Saw Movies Reviewed

The Saw Movies are part of one of the most profitable Horror Movie Franchise in history, certainly the biggest one in the 2000’s spawning 6 sequels from 2005 to 2010 after the original Saw movie became a box-office sensation back in 2004. This week I have decided to re-watch every Saw Movies, one everyday. This […]

15 Highest Grossing Thai Horror Movies

I always find it interesting to see what are the local horror movies that are successful within their own country. Some horror movies might be international hits but have done poorly in their home country, sometimes it is the opposite. With that said, let’s have a look at the Top 15 Highest Grossing Thai Horror […]