Category: Horror Movie Trailers

  • Pawn Shop Teaser

    Pawn Shop Teaser

    The teaser for “Pawn Shop” (โลงจำนำ) a new Thai Horror Movie starring Krissada Sukosol from 13: Game of Death is getting quite some buzz right now around the web and rightly so. It’s impossible to know much about the story but the creepiness factor is up the roof. Fantastic ghostly and bloody visions make this movie a…

  • The Secret Village New Trailer

    The Secret Village New Trailer

    I’ve got mixed emotion about “The Secret Village”‘s new trailer, a movie about two outsiders who investigate a mysterious outbreak of mass hysteria in a small village. There are some very creepy imagery throughout the 2mn trailer that feel right up my alley but at the same time, the whole cinematography looks a bit dull,…