The Night Visitor Teaser Trailer

I recently write a post about “The Night Visitor” movie and their current kickstarter campaign to help raise funds for post-production and marketing materials. Well, the first teaser/trailer is out and it looks promising so far (if you’re a fan of Found footage movie as I am). So go check out the trailer  and if […]

Thongsook 13 Trailer

There is plenty to like in “Thongsook 13” a Thai Horror Movie from writer/director Taweewat Wantha: Ghosts, Demons, a Cabin in the Woods, some humor, plenty of gore. ‘Thongsook 13″ looks more like a mix of western horror cliche and imagery than the traditional ghost with long hair usually seen in Thai and other Asian […]

No One Lives Red Band Trailer

In anticipation of tomorrow’s release of “No One Lives” from director Ryûhei Kitamura (versus, Azumi, Midnight Meat Train) I wanted to share this Red Band Trailer of the movie. The main badass character is played by Luke Evans who has recently been confirmed as the next “Crow”. Enjoy.

Under The Bed Trailer

The official trailer for “under the Bed”, the latest movie of director Steven C. Miller (Silent Night) manages to both creates a moody tone and instantly break it with what looks like unintended funny scenes (“Ruuuuunnnnnnn!!!). It promises us a return to the 80’s horror movies but for me the trailer makes the movie look […]

Hatchet III Red Band Trailer

Hatchet III is the first of the series not being Directed by Adam Green (Hatchet, Spiral, Frozen) but rest assured, there will still be plenty of gruesome kills and even “balls hanging from trees” according to the following red band trailer, as Vicor Crowley (still played by fan favorite Ken Hodder) is back and as […]

Shion Sono’s “Why Don’t You Play in Hell” First Teaser Trailer

Shion Sono’s new movie “Why Don’t You Play in Hell” (Original Title:地獄でなぜ悪い) will be out in Japan on September 28th and I can’t wait for it. Sono is the famed director of Cold Fish and Guilty of Romance, amongst other gems and it does look like, after having watched the below teaser-trailer that his new […]

Pawn Shop Teaser

The teaser for “Pawn Shop” (โลงจำนำ) a new Thai Horror Movie starring Krissada Sukosol from 13: Game of Death is getting quite some buzz right now around the web and rightly so. It’s impossible to know much about the story but the creepiness factor is up the roof. Fantastic ghostly and bloody visions make this movie a […]

The Secret Village New Trailer

I’ve got mixed emotion about “The Secret Village”‘s new trailer, a movie about two outsiders who investigate a mysterious outbreak of mass hysteria in a small village. There are some very creepy imagery throughout the 2mn trailer that feel right up my alley but at the same time, the whole cinematography looks a bit dull, […]