Piranha 3DD Review

Synopsis: After the events at Lake Victoria, the pre-historic school of blood-thirsty piranhas make their way into a newly opened waterpark. My quick review: I’m all in favor of fun brainless movies. And come on, this one has ” The Hoff” in it. But there is a fine line between dumb and dumber. Piranha 3DD […]

The Call (2013) Review

Synopsis: When a veteran 911 operator takes a life-altering call from a teenage girl who has just been abducted, she realizes that she must confront a killer from her past in order to save the girl’s life. My Quick Review: The call, starring Halle Berry and directed by Brad Anderson (Session 9, The Machinist, Transsiberian) […]

Carrie (1976) Review

Synopsis: A young, abused and timid 17-year-old girl discovers she has telekinesis, and gets pushed to the limit on the night of her school’s prom by a humiliating prank. [ from IMDb] Neoli’s Review: There’s a new Carrie movie coming out in the fall of 2013, a hopefully nice remake of Brian De Palma’s 1976 […]

No One Lives Review

Synopsis: A gang of ruthless highway killers kidnap a wealthy couple traveling cross country only to shockingly discover that things are not what they seem. My Short Review: I was looking forward to Ryûhei Kitamura’s (Versus, Midnight Meat Train) new movie despite a slightly underwhelming trailer. Unfortunately, the movie is exactly what the trailer promises, nothing […]

The Colony Review

Year: 2013 Directed by: Jeff Renfroe Starring: Laurence Fishburne, Bill Paxton, Kevin Zegers Neoli’s Review:  I’m sure The Colony, the zombie horror film starring Laurence Fishburne and Bill Paxton, is nice and all, but the thing is I saw the trailer to World War Z weeks earlier (very nice), which clearly trumps whatever icy post-apocalyptic […]

Warm Bodies Review

Year: 2013 Director: Jonathan Levine FHR4X9TW3M9W Synopsis: (from IMDb) After R (a highly unusual zombie) saves Julie from an attack, the two form a relationship that sets in motion a sequence of events that might transform the entire lifeless world. My Short Review: Warm Bodies Left me with mixed feelings. On one hand I could not […]

Mama Review

Year: 2013 Director: Andrés Muschietti Summary: (from IMDb) Annabel and Lucas are faced with the challenge of raising his young nieces that were left alone in the forest for 5 years…. but how alone were they? My Short Review: I was intrigued at first by Mama. Another PG 13 movie that looked very creepy and seemed […]

Dark Skies Review

Year: 2013 Director: Scott Stewart Summary: (from IMDb) As the Barret family’s peaceful suburban life is rocked by an escalating series of disturbing events, they come to learn that a terrifying and deadly force is after them. My Short Review: I was pleasantly surprised by Dark Skies since I did not expect much before starting to […]

The Lords of Salem Guest Review

Year: 2012 Director: Rob Zombie Summary: (from IMDb) Heidi, a radio DJ, is sent a box containing a record — a “gift from the Lords.” The sounds within the grooves trigger flashbacks of her town’s violent past. Is Heidi going mad, or are the Lords back to take revenge on Salem, Massachusetts? Guest Review: Rob Zombie […]

The Devil Inside Review

Year: 2012 Director: William Brent Bell Summary: (from IMDb) In Italy, a woman becomes involved in a series of unauthorized exorcisms during her mission to discover what happened to her mother, who allegedly murdered three people during her own exorcism. My Short Review: When it first came out in theaters, The Devil Inside received a […]