Body sob 19 Review

Body sob 19 reviewYear: 2007

Origin: Thailand

Director: Paween Purikitpanya

Summary: A young man is having recurring nightmares about a dead girl. After he decides to see a psychiatrist, the people connected to the dead girl he sees in his dreams start to be murdered and the truth to be revealed.

My Quick Review: Body Sob 19 is Writer/Director Paween Purikitpanya first movie and you can already find his trademark style of camera movement and abusive use  of (bad) CGI effects all throughout this film.

I first discovered Paween Purikitpanya through his segments in 4Bia and its follow-up Phobia 2. And those were my least favorite shorts of both movies. I’m definitively not a fan of his visual style (way too much style over substance) and the cheap CGI effects he prefers to use instead of more traditional visual effects.

The story in Body Sob 19, while not quite original, could have provided great moments and a few surprises but the total lack of emotion and/or attachment you get towards the characters and what is happening to them completely ruin the proceedings.

In my opinion the director is to be blamed here and no doubt that the material would have been elevated and more emotions would have been felt if Body Sob 19 had been directed by another director such as Banjong Pisanthanakun (Alone, Shutter)

My Rating: 5/10