Bloody Reunion Review

bloody reunion reviewOriginal Title: Seuseung-ui Eunhye

Year: 2006

Director: Dae-wung Lim

Summary: Bloody Reunion is about a group of elementary students who return years later to visit their former teacher-who has recently took ill-in the countryside. Once there, we learn that Mrs Park (the teacher) had quite a cruel side to her and that all her former students have murderous intentions towards her. Meanwhile, someone  is systematically getting rid off each student in quite a  gruesome way.

My (very) Short Review: Let’s start with the positive points of Bloody Reunion. First of all, it is a korean slasher and this is rare enough to applaud, especially when back in 2006 the screens were full of ghost movies with long black haired girls. Secondly, there is an OK twist at the end (which is always to be expected in a slasher movie). Finally, for the torture porn lovers, you will find a couple of imaginative kills ( too short though IMO).

Everything else, unfortunately is below average: the acting, the script (too many loose ends) and the pace (it takes way too long for things to get interesting and when it does, the kills are happening way too fast for us to care). For this reason I can’t really recommend this movie but do hope to see more slashers coming out of Korea.

My Rating: 4.5/10