The Bell Witch Haunting (2013) Review

the bell witch haunting reviewSynopsis: Based on true events. The Robertson County Sheriff’s Department has released footage found on the bodies of the Sawyer family’s cell phones and video cameras. What was first thought to be a murder-suicide is now believed to be the return of a centuries-old demon responsible for America’s most famous paranormal event.

My Quick Review: The Bell Witch Haunting is the latest movie whose story is inspired by the bell witch legend (Blair Witch project being the most famous iteration so far).

While it starts as a standard but honest  found footage movie, it quickly loses appeal when the script decides to cram as much “shocking scenes” as possible one after the other.

Suddenly, the acting becomes forced, the situation more ridiculous and useless than the others (the cable guy getting electrocuted in one of the most hilarious death scream I’ve ever heard; the badly made levitating bed cover; the possessed dad coming back home as if nothing happened; same with the sister; the awkward and fairly useless exorcism….).

What’s left of The Bell Witch Haunting is a mess of a movie, ripping off, unsuccessfully, scenes from Paranormal Activity and Blair Witch. If anything, it does prove that you still need talent behind and in front of the camera to make a satisfying found footage movie experience.

My Rating: 4/10

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  1. Kid Coheed says

    I found this one terrible, the acting and FX’s were bad, but the worst was that the Director never used the whole Idea of the Found Footage over weeks, as No one who was filming anything, actual looks back on what they filmed several times I thought the Characters would have the answer to what’s fucking with them if they’d only fucking rewind 5 minutes and then hit play. One Character is killed in a mysterious way and the Main Character who stated that both him and the now dead friend wanted to film everything, doesn’t take a moment to look over the last moments of his friends life. The other thing is that the Writing jumps from big jumps and signs that the house is haunted (spoiler I guess) to gentle nudges towards the same destination like the Writer wasn’t sure if he wanted to write a long Psycho-Thriller or a straight Haunting or even a supernatural Slasher


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