Art Of The Devil (Khon Len Khong) Review

Art of the devil Khon len Khong reviewSynopsis: Boom, pregnant from an affair, is told by her lover to leave him and his family alone. Enraged, she goes to a witch doctor and has him use black magic against her ex-lover and his family

My Quick Review: Apart from the first 15mns and some parts of the last 20mns, everything else in Art of the Devil can be fast forwarded.

Maybe I have watched too many Thai Horror Anthologies and am getting used to see short stories, but I really feel that Art of the Devil should have been a 30mns segment inside such an anthology.

There is not much to the script: it’s a classic revenge story with a Black magic twist. To make a full length movie, the writers have decided to introduce a new family right after our revengeful lady has already killed the first one. The problem is, none of the characters are interesting and they are being very poorly played (thankfully, the lead actress is probably the most capable of the bunch). Some couple of death scenes are OK in my book but there are nos scares and no surprises. On top of that, the cinematography is poor and shows the budget limits.

I will still watch Art of the Devil 2 and Art of the Devil 3 but with much less anticipation now.

My Rating: 4.5/10

Director: Tanit Jitnukul

Origin: Thailand

Original Title: Khon Len Khong

Year: 2004

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