Area 407 Review

area_407 reviewSynopsis: Survivors of an airplane crash find themselves within the borders of a government testing area and pursued by predators.

My Quick Review: Area 407 was a painful movie to watch, from the beginning to the end.

I just came back from a plane trip myself and the first thing I noticed was how fake the whole beginning of the movie looked like. The one and only crew member, the few passengers; at no point during this first 15mn did it feel like those people were on a real plane flying to somewhere. This immediately removed me from the movie.

Then we have the whole found-footage POV choice to talk about. Of all the found-footage movies I have watched (and I did watch a LOT) this one was the worst in terms of “why the hell is this girl holding her camera for?”. Most of the time there is absolutely no need for her to shoot people, especially when there is some action but she decides to focus on peoples faces and reaction (makes no sense at all). It never felt natural.

The acting/script/dialogue were all horrendous. I believe 90% was improv, and bad ones with silly reactions; people that were very hurt, suddenly healthy and smily in a following scene…

And let’s talk about the monster(s). That nobody points out that it looks like some kind of dinosaur is already ridiculous, but the butt ugly CGI in the last shot really takes the cake.

To sum it up, Area 407 is a crap movie with nothing in it worth spending 90mn of your time (yeah it is even longer than most found footage movies out there).

My Rating: 3/10


Year: 2012

Origin: USA