Alfred Hitchcock A Poem by Dean Farnell

Alfred Hitchcock poemHitchcock’s to blame I can’t find a wife
Each time i see birds i run for my life
I won’t take a shower It’s always a bath
Each girl that i meet thinks I’m having a laugh.

I’ve have seven locks on my bathroom door
I won’t go to lonely motels anymore
The friends in my life just snigger and mock
It’s all down to that fella Alfred Hitchcock.

The pitiful guy with his eyes pecked out
Has left a huge scar there is no doubt
With nightmares of crows on a climbing frame
Birds i can’t trust them ever again.

The shower’s a scene that i can’t erase
When i tell any mates, there just amazed
Get over it chap or you’ll stay alone
A prisoner in your very own home.

When I saw these two films if i’d only knew
What The Birds and Psycho would actually do
I fight tooth and nail around the clock
To rid the spell of Alfred Hitchcock

Author: Dean Farnell. Dean Farnell writes quirky songs and poetry mainly on horror or spooky related themes, his song The Monsters Ball is out now on itunes, Amazon, Songcast for download. Click Here to Download it now!