Absence (2013) Review

absence reviewSynopsis: Doctors are baffled when an expectant mother wakes to find her nearly-to-term pregnancy apparently disappear overnight. Police investigate the situation as a missing child, and only her husband and brother trust her version of events.

My Quick Review: I don’t have much to say about Absence except for: “Please stop releasing found footage movies as an excuse for a lackluster script and lack of budget“.

I have always been defending the POV style horror genre because I believe, when properly done, it can generates some of the best scares seen on screen. Unfortunately, too many directors rely on the gimmick to cut budget and expand a script that would be best suited for a short.

This is the exact case here with Absence. Would that movie have been part of an anthology, I would have possibly rated it higher (there are 2-3 decent scenes and the acting is not too rough). As it is, Absence is a borefest.

The characters are uninteresting (especially the brother who is borderline misogynist and obnoxious), and worse, the whole film is scare-free.

The fact that we can quickly guess what happened to the baby just adds insult to injury when we are being shown one “kidnapper” during the end credits (did the writers/director believe we would be shocked by this big reveal?).

My Rating: 3/10


Origin: US

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