About DDOH

logo 150x150DDOH stands for Daily Dose of Horror and the main rule of this site, as far as I am concerned is to publish at one review per day, everyday whenever possible. My inspiration for this came from the website Horror Movie a Day. I found out about this site a couple of months ago and really like the concept as well as Brian’s style of reviews.But I soon learned that the site will cease to exist in its current form and no more daily review will be published.

I have absolutely no pretention of being a suitable replacement. I’m far from being a movie expert and a strong reviewer as Brian is…. But I do hope that I can fill some of the void.

This blog is, before anything else, personal, and a good way for me to keep track of the films I watch. I’m an avid movie/tv fan and especially of everything horror/scary/creepy. When Brian started his blog he wanted to be able to catch up with all the movies he intended to watch and the same goes for me.

My style of review is short (usually less than 300 words), to the point and usually, spoiler-free. When I look for movie reviews on the web I quickly want to know if the reviewer liked the movie or not and what to look forward to when watching it. Nothing more, nothing less. My reviews will try to do exactly just that.

I hope you do enjoy some of those reviews and will feel contributing from time to time in the comments. There is nothing better than discussing a movie with other fans. You can also send me your own movie reviews and give each movie your own rating.

Eric S.