A Haunting at Silver Falls Review

A Haunting at Silver Falls reviewSynopsis: A small town is haunted by the twin daughters of a wrongfully convicted man. Young Jordan is sent down the path to who the real killer is only to find the killer is very close to her.

My Quick Review: During its first few minutes, A Haunting at Silver Falls gave me a 80s horror vibe (part slasher, part dream sequence from Freddy movies) but at the same time I had a strange feeling about the plot and the characters: it just did not feel genuine at all.

I believe the dialogue and casting both are at fault. The actors do an OK job with what they have been given but each line of dialogue sounds fake and unnatural. To top it all there is no chemistry between the characters and some of them are totally miscast (mainly for age reasons).

It’s a pity because the movie’s cinematography is good and there is some efficient visuals, at time creepy, but never really scary. Unfortunately it all falls flat when it’s back to the daily life.

A Haunting at Silver Falls is an average Ghost Movie, neither bad nor good that could have used a better script and another casting director.

My Rating: 4.5/10

Buy or Rent: Rent (if you have nothing else to do)


Year: 2013

Origin: USA

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