A Haunted House Review

A Haunted House_reviewYear: 2013

Director: Michael Tiddes

Stars: Marlon Wayans, Essence Atkins

Synopsis: Malcolm’s girlfriend moves into his house but she brought something with her. A ghost who will start to haunt the couple.

My Quick Review: A Haunted House is a horror comedy that mainly spoofs “Paranormal Activity” and other found footage movies such at “The Last Exorcism”, “blair Witch”….

Disclaimer: I’m a big fan of Marlon Wayans and Scary Movie is one of my all-time favorite spoof comedy. So I had high expectations coming into this movie since I’m also a fan of “Paranormal activity” and “found Footage” Horror movies.

So what’s the verdict: Marlon Wayans is a great physical comedian and the movie has some colorful characters who add to the fun factor: a gay psychic, a swinger couple, some gang members with an attitude, an hilarious exorcist…but “A haunted House” relies too much on poop humor and easy laughs that do not elevate the material. They even recycle one of the funniest moment of “Scary Movie” with the ghost smoking some pot. Add to this a very transparent and unfunny lead actress, quite a few boring moments (despite the movie being about 80mn long) and no scares at all, and you end up with a parody that is mildly funny and absolutely not scary.

My Rating: 5/10