3 A.M. (Tee Sam 3D) Review

3am tee sam 3d reviewOriginal Title: ตีสาม 3D, (Tee Sam 3D)

Year: 2012

Isara Nadee
Kirati Nakintanon
Patchanon Thammajira

Synopsis:  Three stories set at 3 AM, follow the Thai belief that 3am is the hour that ghosts make their appearances — the hour most haunted by restless spirits.

My Short Review: 3 A.M follows the steps of recent Thai Horror Anthologies, 4Bia and Phobia 2 and offers 3 ghost tales from 3 different directors.

Patchanon Thammajira (Colic) directs the first story, The Wig, which follows two sisters (Apinya Sakuljaroensuk and Focus Jirakul) in a haunted wig shop. It reminded me of the Korean Horror Movie, The Wig, and while that one did not impress me, this short stoy wasn’t better by any means. Very classic ghost tale, lazy script and direction, couple of shots designed for the 3D (the hand reaching shot, that we will find in the two other shorts as well), a weak opening to the movie.

The second segment, The Bride Corpse, gets better though. Kirati Nakintanon directs a story about a man who gets the job of looking after the corpses of a bride and groom. Not many scares in that one again but the story is more original and creepier.

Finally, Isara Nadee (Art of the Devil II, 407 Dark Flight 3d) directs the third story, OT, where two company directors who love playing scary pranks on their employees finally get their comeuppance when they themselves face a real ghost, or do they? By far, the best segment of the whole movie, OT is a typical Thai Horror Comedy when we keep on guessing who is playing a prank on whom and who is a ghost and who isn’t.

As a whole, I would say Tee Sam 3D is good family friendly horror entertainment, better experienced in a theater with friends. It’s never intended to be a classic, there is nothing really original about it but you still have a good time watching it, especially since it gets better with every story and finishes on a high note.

My Rating: 6/10