The Secret Village (2013) Review

the secret village review

Synopsis: When Rachel (Ali Faulkner) travels to a remote village to investigate reported cases of Ergot poisoning, she suspects the villagers of foul play. As things get weirder, she enlists the help of failed screenwriter, Greg (Mean Girls‘ Jonathan Bennett) but when her primary source ends up dead, Rachel must race to uncover the truth […]

The Returned (2013) Review

the returned 2013

Synopsis: The zombie apocalypse is under control, sort of. If the virus is caught within the first several hours, a protein may be able to save the infected and let them lead normal lives, so long as they take a dose every day. When the national supply runs low, however, and scientists are behind in […]

The Coffin (2008) Review

the coffin review

Synopsis: After participating in a Thai ritual ward off illness that involves laying in a coffin and having burial rites performed, Chris (Ananda Everingham)  and Su (Karen Mok) begin to see the dead. Su’s search for what miraculously cured her cancer but killed her fiance leads her to a man that has been investigating the […]

The Eclipse (2009) Review

the eclipse review

Synopsis: An Irish town hosts its annual literature and poetry festival, and widower Michael Farr (the incomparable Ciarán Hinds) volunteers to serve as a driver for Lena Morrell (Iben Hjejle), a horror/ghost novelist who has seen ghosts since she was a child. When Farr begins to see the ghost of his father-in-law (very much alive), […]

Storage 24 (2012) Review

storage 24 review

Synopsis: An aircraft carrying classified cargo crashes near a storage facility and something escapes. Inside, Charlie (Noel Clarke) and Shelley (Antonia Campbell-Hughes) are separating their belongings after a bad break-up. When the escaped creature takes refuge in the facility and begins killing those inside, Charlie, Shelley and their friends must band together to defeat it in […]

Short of the Week: Do You Believe in the Devil (2013)

do you believe in the devil

Synopsis: While retching uncontrollably in the bathroom of a dive bar, the unnamed main character makes a deal with Danny Pickler. Pickler, a childhood acquaintance has been dead since the age of nine and says he is a dealer of death for God, offers him a deal. In exchange for killing Pickler’s entire family and […]

Cabin Fever 2 (2009) Review

cabin fever 2 review

Synopsis: A high school prom faces a deadly threat: a flesh-eating virus that spreads via a popular brand of bottled water. My Review: The follow-up to Eli Roth’s acclaimed Cabin Fever turns out to be much better than I first expected. I was not a big fan of Cabin fever and I actually believe the sequel […]

Hidden 3D (2011) Review

hidden 3d review

Synopsis:  Susan Carter experimented with an insect toxin that physically manifests addiction so that it can be removed, but things went wrong when the antigen took on a life of its own. When she dies, she leaves her converted-monastery rehab center and whatever may be inside, to her son, Brian. Leslie’s Review:  I have a […]

Europa Report (2013) Review

europa report review

Synopsis: An international crew of astronauts undertakes a privately funded mission to search for life on Jupiter’s fourth largest moon. Quick Review: Europa Report is more Sci-Fi than pure horror but the documentary style used for this movie brings us closer to the braveness of space travelers and the terror they might have to face when […]

Rick Grimes Facebook Look Back

Video thumbnail for youtube video Rick Grimes Facebook Look Back - DDOH

By Now you are probably all fed up with  the Facebook Look Back videos from all of your friends. Well, I hope you will still find the enrgy to watch The Walking Dead’s very own Rick Grimes Facebook Look Back Video. Congrats to the Walking Dead fans behind this video, it’s awesome!!